By Joseph & Nina Zeigler, DMD, PC
February 09, 2017
Category: Oral Health
Tags: bad breath  

No one likes having bad breath. There are several potential causes, including certain foods, a dry mouth or poor dental hygiene. bad breathUnderstanding the cause of your bad breath can help you correct the problem and prevent it from coming back. If you are unable to eliminate the problem yourself, a dentist can often help. Dr. Joseph Zeigler and Dr. Nina Zeigler are your Saint Louis, MO, area dentists and can help address problems with bad breath.

Causes of Bad Breath

There are many factors can cause bad breath, such as smoking or having an oral infection. Certain foods, such as garlic and onion, can give you bad breath when eaten. A dry mouth can also lead to bad breath. Saliva in the mouth helps wash away bacteria that can cause bad breath. When the mouth is dry with insufficient saliva, bad breath can result. Additionally, not brushing your teeth regularly can lead to breath problems when bacteria are left to linger on the teeth and gums. Potential causes of bad breath can include:

  • Poor Dental Hygiene
  • Certain Foods
  • Dry Mouth
  • Smoking Tobacco Products
  • Oral Infections
  • Medications

How Dental Visits Can Help

Your Saint Louis dentist can help you keep bad breath at bay with regular dental checkups that include professional teeth cleaning. A mouth that is healthy and clean is less likely to develop bad breath due to bacteria on the teeth and gums, an oral infection or a dry mouth condition. In short, seeing a dentist regularly helps prevent bad breath by keeping your mouth, teeth and gums healthier. Additionally, if you do develop chronic bad breath, your dentist can help determine the cause so that you can correct the problem and prevent its recurrence.

When you have tried unsuccessfully to get rid of bad breath or are uncertain of the cause, a dentist might be able to help. A thorough dental checkup and professional cleaning with your Saint Louis, MO, dentist can eliminate bacteria that contribute to bad breath. Additionally, regular dental checkups help keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthier so that you are less likely to develop bad breath due to poor dental hygiene, a dry mouth or an oral infection. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Joseph Zeigler or Dr. Nina Zeigler, call (314) 872-7590.